Resident Assistant Position (2018–2019)
Selection Decisions, RA class, and the Job Offer

Resident Assistant Position After Second Round Interviews, selected applicants will receive an email on November 21 inviting them to participate in HESI 470 Introduction to Student Personnel, and informally known as the "RA class". This is a three-credit course taught in the spring semester and required step in the RA selection process. Registration information will be included in the invitation letter.

The course contains both a lecture and discussion section. The lecture is taught Mondays from 4pm - 5:15pm and 5:30pm - 6:45pm. Discussion sections last 90 minutes and meet at various times Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

At this point applicants are also designated as either a "Hire" or an "Alternate" candidate for North or South campus. If designated a Hire candidate you will receive an offer for a RA position at the time of placement during the Spring semester. If designated as an Alternate candidate you may receive an offer for a RA position at the time of placement depending upon the number of RA vacancies available for the following year. A limited number of applicants are designated as Hire candidates and the majority of candidates are designated Alternates.

Candidates are also assigned to a side of campus either North Campus or South Campus. The side of campus designation cannot be changed. Candidate preferences will be taken in to account as we are able but ultimately candidates are placed where there is a hiring need.

Information regarding the buildings on each side of campus is available in the Housing Overview page or on our Residence Halls page.

The Job Offer

Resident Assistant Position Job offers and placement in to an RA position begin midway during the Spring semester. Many but not all applicants will receive an offer at this time. Applicants remaining in the candidate pool will continue to be considered for RA positions that come available later in the semester or in the summer.

Most applicants will receive an offer for placement by the end of the summer. Detailed information will be provided throughout the RA class related to placement.