Resident Assistant Position (2018–2019)
Reference Instructions for RA Applicants

Candidates will submit the names and email addresses of two references while completing the application. You may submit more than two names to ensure that two completed references are submitted on your behalf by the 4 pm EDT October 13 deadline. Once the names are entered and saved in the application, an email will immediately be sent to the reference writers with instructions for completing the reference questionnaire. You will be notified as each reference is received. Separate letters of recommendation will not be accepted.

Individuals who have had the opportunity to work with you or observe your skills as they relate to the Resident Assistant position should complete the online reference questionnaire. Helpful references are individuals who understand the demands of a peer leadership position and can speak to your skills in the following areas: team membership, role modeling, multicultural understanding, interpersonal skills, decision making and critical thinking, administrative skills and personal balance. Examples of potential references include: Resident Assistants, high school guidance counselors, teachers/professors, organization advisors, etc.

Please Note: References from close friends, roommates, parents, family friends or other peers will NOT be accepted. Current or former RAs may serve as a reference.

You must have two references on file by 4 pm EDT on October 13. Candidates will submit the names and email addresses of two references while completing the application.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to contact their reference writers to ensure the references are submitted by 4pm EDT on October 13. Failure to have two references submitted will negatively impact your candidacy and may exclude you from the selection process. Candidates may return to the RA application page and view which references have been completed.

As part of the online application, RA applicants will have the opportunity to respond to a confidentiality statement regarding reference information. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) opens many student records for the student's inspection upon request. Information such as the Resident Assistant reference is "non-confidential" unless you, the RA applicant, waive the right to access such information by doing so on the RA application. Please mark this item according to your wishes. Those who provide a reference will be notified if you have waived access to the reference information.