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Resident Assistant Position (2018–2019)
Application Information

Resident Assistant Position Complete the application and sign up for a First Round Interview by 4pm EDT on October 5. Candidates will also submit the names and email addresses of two references while completing the application. Be sure to allow enough time to complete the entire application and interview sign-up process.

A number of essay questions are asked in the application. For your reference these essay questions are listed below. All candidates are encouraged to write their responses prior to starting the application and then cut and paste their responses in to the appropriate place in the application. Use of smart quotes and certain formatting will not carry over when copying/pasting. It is suggested that you use a program with plain text formatting such as Notepad before copying your essays in to the application.

Many of the fields within the application will be pre-populated with student information on file. It is assumed that the individual completing this application is the student who is applying for the Resident Assistant position and is violation of the Student Code of Conduct for the application to be completed by another. With this in mind, the student applicant will be held responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information submitted with this application.

RA Application Questions
Personal Information

Personal and address information displayed comes from your official University records. Residence Life systems are updated by central University systems daily. If any of the displayed information is incorrect, you may still complete the application and then make changes to your official University records. Within 48 hours of a change to your University records it will be updated in the Residence Life system, including your Resident Assistant application.

Please note: The Department of Resident Life will communicate with applicants throughout the RA selection process via the email address on file with the University. All applicants should check their email regularly to ensure successful participation in the RA Selection process.

Housing Preferences

Candidates will be asked to rank the types of housing in which they would prefer to work. The Department of Resident Life is comprised of six communities. Within each community, many different housing options are available. Please review the Housing Overview to better understand the unique features of each type of housing which provide RAs with slightly different experiences. If you are selected for a RA position, the Department of Resident Life will consider your preference when making placement decisions. However, we consider the strengths and weaknesses of all candidates when making final placements. If selected, departmental needs will hold priority over individual preferences.

Leadership and Volunteer Experience

Candidates will be asked to list campus and community activities in which they have participated, as well as the time commitment required if it is an activity in which they currently participate. Candidates will be asked to list their activities in the following format. Please note there is a 5,000 character limit (about 1 single-spaced page).

  • Organization
  • Position/Title
  • Dates (Month/Year)
  • Scope of Activity
  • Skills Acquired
  • Time Commitment Required


Candidates will be asked to list any jobs they have held. Candidates will be asked to list their employment history in this format:

  • Position/Title
  • Employer
  • Duties
  • Employment Dates (Month/Year)
  • Phone Number of Employer

Letter to Residents and Essay Questions

Each candidate will be asked to compose a letter to incoming residents and to complete three essay questions. The online form does not automatically check spelling. Writing your essays ahead of time will allow you to copy and paste your answers into the application. Responses for each item are limited to a maximum 5,000 characters (about 1 single-spaced page).


Compose a letter for your future residents welcoming them to the community. At minimum your letter should include:

  • An introduction of yourself
  • An explanation of your role as an RA
  • The attitudes, behaviors, and relationships you hope to see develop in your community
  • Other information to welcome residents to the community.

Essay Questions
  1. Tell us what skills and attributes you bring to the Resident Assistant position and what skills and experiences you want to gain from the position.
  2. Describe a difficult decision you have made in the past year, perhaps as a student leader or with a peer group. What did you learn from it? What things did you consider in making your decision? Would you make the same decision again? Why or why not?
  3. Describe your experience working with people who are different from yourself, perhaps as a student leader or with a peer group. How might this translate to the RA position?

Submitting your application online is only one part of the application process; you must also sign-up for a First Round Interview. In order to be eligible you MUST attend an Information Session, submit your application and sign up for a First Round Interview before 4pm EDT on October 5. If these steps are not completed before the deadline, you will not be considered for a RA position.

Additionally, throughout the application process the Department of Resident Life will communicate with you via the email address you have on record with the University. You are responsible to check your email account for these communications. Generally, these emails will be sent from account or Please add these addresses to your "safe" list.