Community Assistant (CA) Position

Community Assistant Position CAs are University of Maryland students who are responsible for staffing 24/7 service desks that are located in our residence hall communities.

CAs must be current University of Maryland students and preference is given to students who live on campus.

Why is the Community Assistant position so important?

CAs are the first point of contact for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to our Resident Life communities.

They provide excellent customer service to the University of Maryland community, manage keys and packages for students and staff members, and complete a number of administrative tasks.

What are some major responsibilities of the Community Assistant position?

Use this helpful acronym to remember the important parts of the CA job.

• Day and Night Operations- 24-hour service desk coverage.

• Emergency Assistance- connect residents needing assistance from Resident Assistants (RAs), University Police, or professional staff.

• Support and Resources- direct residents to important locations and services on and off campus.

• Keys and Packages- manage and issue spare keys and packages.