Emergency Preparedness
Reporting Emergencies On Campus

For assistance in a medical or safety emergency, dial 911 from a University phone or pre-program (301) 405-3333 into a cellular phone.

When the University of Maryland Police dispatcher answers:

  • Identify yourself and the specific location of the emergency
  • Say what occurred
  • Be concise and factual
  • Describe any known or suspected injuries
  • Identify help that is needed immediately
  • Stay on the phone until the dispatcher tells you it’s okay to hang up
  • Stay in your same location, if safe to do so, and identify yourself to responding authorities

When you finish talking with Police:

  • Dial the phone number for your 24-hour Service Desk or (301) 314-WORK (9675)
  • Identify yourself and relate the same information you just gave to Police
  • Ask to have a Resident Life duty staff member contacted immediately