Emergency Preparedness
Medical Emergency

In the event of an injury, illness or other medical emergency, dial 911 from a University phone or pre-program (301) 405-3333 into a cellular phone.

When the University of Maryland Police dispatcher answers:
  • Identify your specific location
  • Describe what has happened, and type of injury or illness or nature of medical emergency
  • Identify help that is needed immediately
  • Stay on the phone until the dispatcher tells you it's okay to hang up
  • Stay in your same location, if safe to do so, until help arrives

University of Maryland Police will respond to the scene and, if warrented, will summon EMTs and an ambulance.

When you finish talking with Police:
  • Dial the phone number for your 24-hour Service Desk or 301-314-WORK (9675)
  • Identify yourself and relate the same information you just gave to Police
  • Ask to have a Resident Life duty staff member contacted immediately
  • Have someone stay with you until help arrives

For a less serious medical problem, please call or go to the University Health Center or a local hospital. Read more information about the University Health Center.