Emergency Preparedness
Pandemic Flu

The University of Maryland may stop classes and close the campus as soon as practicable, upon it's consideration of local public health recommendations to curtail or cancel public activities. Closing will be undertaken swiftly, with the expectation that students will be prepared to travel and can be safely with loved ones before major disruptions to communications, transportation, and financial systems occur.

If classes are suspended and the campus is closed, residence hall students will be expected to pack and leave campus within 24-48 hours.

The most important and immediate thing for each student to do with his/her family members and friends is to:
  • Work with loved ones to make a detailed plan of action, and make sure everyone has copies of this plan
  • Follow suggestions provided at Make A Plan With Your Family and Friends
  • At a minimum, answer for yourself and your loved ones, if the campus were to close and I am required to leave my residence hall:
    • Where would I go?
    • How would I get there?
    • What would I take with me?
    • How would I get/stay in touch with my family?
  • Pay special attention to backup communications plans, since cellular phone service, land-line access, and Internet access could be limited at best and perhaps unavailable very shortly after the start of a pandemic flu emergency (because of high demand)
  • Know what you would need to take with you if called upon to vacate your residence hall with just a few hours notice