Emergency Preparedness
Evacuation Assistance For Persons With Disabilities
Students with disabilities who are living in a residence hall should:
  • Obtain fire safety instructions for residents who require evacuation assistance (RA will have copy)
  • Assess their ability to respond to the emergency procedures described in this document
  • Know how they will safely exit their room and building in a emergency when evacuation is appropriate (e.g., fire alarm sounding), keeping in mind that elevators should not be used during an evacuation and that automatic door opening devices will not operate when electrical power is lost
  • Determine whether special assistance by authorities would be necessary in the event of an emergency, and, if so, submit a current and detailed written request for any such assistance with their 24-hour Service Desk, asking at that time to be named on the Evacuation Assistance List.
  • Identify another person (e.g., roommate, close friend) who would check on them in the event of an emergency
  • Know they can reach a Resident Life staff member by dialing (301) 314-7484 or (301) 314-7399 during regular business hours or by dialing your Service Desk or (301) 314-9675 after regular business hours, on weekends and on holidays
  • Register with the University's office of Disability Support Services and receive this staff's assistance in planning for support of your academic and personal needs
  • Update records provided to University offices such as Disability Support Services and the University Health Center as often as warranted (including temporary conditions such as wearing a cast)
  • Ask to have their names romoved from their Service Desk's Evacuation Assistance List whenever doing so is appropriate.
If you are visited in your residence hall by a family member or other person with disabilities:
  • Plan ahead, and be able to inform that persons and other guests of the procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency