Emergency Preparedness
Bomb Threat
If a bomb threat is received:
  • Ask questions to try to get information from a caller about the location and description of the reported bomb; take note of caller's exact words, other information given by him/her, characteristics of his/her voice, and any backgrounds sounds that might give a clue to the caller's location
  • Call 911 from campus phone (301-405-3333 from a cellular phone)
  • Call your service desk
  • Do not pull the fire alarm unless instructed to do so by Police
When the University of Maryland Police dispatcher answers your call to 911:
  • Identify your specific location
  • Describe what has happened and exactly what was said to you or what you saw
  • Be ready to describe any caller's voice, accent, demeanor and any background sounds
  • Ask what you should do next
  • Stay on the phone until the dispatcher tells you it's okay to hang up
  • Move outside, if safe to do so, wait there, and identify yourself to Police when officers arrive
If you see an item you believe could be an explosive device:
  • Do not touch it or disturb it in any way
  • Call University Police at 911 (or 301-405-3333 from a cellular phone)
  • Stay away from the item, and keep others away from it
University Police will:
  • Respond to your location and assess the threat
  • Determine the next appropriate action
  • Announce the time and method of any evacuation of the building
  • Notify residents when they may return to the building after an evacuation
  • Investigate the incident

All bomb threats reported to the University are taken very seriously and are investigated thoroughly.