Benefits of Living on Campus
So much to offer, Right Here!

When you decide to take part in the Maryland Residential Experience, you will have the opportunity for an once-in-a-lifetime experience! Campus living provides complete access to all the University has to offer and allows you to be fully immersed in the Terrapin community.

Get to know the FACTS about living on-campus.

Friendships and Connections
Friendships and Connections: Benefits of Living on Campus

You will have friends all around who understand what it is like to start a new adventure! The connections and memories you make will enhance your own experience and help to build the firm foundation needed for your success.

  • Residence hall students participate in more extracurricular activities, feel more satisfied with their college experience, and interact more frequently with peers and faculty.
  • Residence hall students live and dine in communities where they make connections and develop life-long friendships.
  • Vibrant and active communities that help students to find their place on campus. Four out of five students surveyed state that because of living on-campus they feel like they belong at the University of Maryland.
  • Resident Assistants who facilitate intentional programming to help establish connections with students, staff and resources.

Academic Success
Academic Success: Benefits of Living on Campus

Research exploring retention and graduation rates has found a strong relationship between on-campus housing and graduation.

  • A study at the University of Maryland indicated that on-campus students had a 22% higher graduation rate than peers who lived off campus.
  • On-campus students tend to have higher grade point averages, take more credit hours and are retained at higher rates than their off-campus peers.
  • 24 hour access to study lounges
  • Faculty offices and classroom space within steps of where students live.
  • Community programming provides resources and tools to help students succeed academically.

Convenience and Cost
Convenience and Cost: Benefits of Living on Campus

We offer housing when you need it.

Academic year = 32 weeks. Housing = 32 weeks.

  • Multiple styles of housing options to suit preference and budget
  • On-campus housing options abound and close to where students need to be academically
  • Full and convenient access to all that campus has to offer – dining, sports, entertainment, social pursuits

Twenty-Four/Seven Support
Twenty-Four/Seven Support: Benefits of Living on Campus

Our residential program ensures that you get the support you need, with the peace of mind that comes knowing trained professionals are here twenty-four/seven. We are here when you need us, with trained undergraduate student staff and live-in professional staff members available to help at the right times.

  • 24-hour staffing, support, and services provided by the Department of Resident Life and the Department of Residential Facilities.
  • Partnerships with other campus resources allow us to respond to crises with skill and care.
  • Enhanced safety and security measures and halls that are conveniently located near Shuttle-UM bus routes, easy access to NITE Ride and other services offer by the Department of Transportation Services to help you get around safely.

Student Development
Student Development: Benefits of Living on Campus

Living in residence halls is about you, and about all you can gain from this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are committed to creating opportunities for you to grow and develop.

  • Through programs and interpersonal interactions, we strive to increase awareness to important issues and challenges.
  • We support student’s civil engagement and community responsibility.
  • Our diverse residential community offers interaction, dialogue and communication with people different from yourself and your experience

We have opportunities for Leadership, Employment and Engagement
  • The Residence Hall Association (RHA) provides opportunities for residents to be directly involved in leadership and hold council positions within our residential communities, to plan and carry out program activities and to engage university officials on issues of interest and concern on behalf of all residents.
  • Resident Life employs over 500 students in positions ranging from Resident Assistants (RA) in our halls and Community Assistants (CA) at our service desks, to Information Technology (IT) support and Office Assistants (OA) throughout our communities.
More facts about our Residence Halls

  • Nearly 9,500 students live in 37 campus residence halls and another 3,000 in our affiliated public-private partnership apartments – over 12,000 students’ call us home.
  • 93% of new freshmen choose to begin their academic careers living in our halls and 77% apply to return for a second year – among the highest return rates in the Big Ten (among schools who do not have a first and second year housing requirement).
  • Our residents represent the rich, diverse campus we call home, with residents from 40 states and 43 countries.
  • We provide housing options for 18 different living-learning programs.
  • Housing, data, cable and utilities are all included in our residence hall academic year agreement.