Assignments Consideration Form

Assignments Consideration Form To request assignment consideration for a disability, chronic health condition or other medical or personal issue(s), information from the treating licensed clinical professional or health care provider must be submitted to the Department of Resident Life. The professional/provider must be thoroughly familiar with the student’s physical or psychological condition(s) and resulting functional limitations, restrictions or considerations.

This information is needed to ensure that the student will be assigned to a room that satisfactorily meets the assignment need. All information and documents provided to the Department of Resident Life will be kept confidential. Any confidential information will be shared only with relevant staff in a discreet manner and will be used only as permitted by law. This information will have no bearing on a student’s general eligibility for housing.

Submission of the Assignment Consideration Form will be utilized by the University only with respect to the provision of on-campus housing. If you require academic/classroom accommodations you must register with Accessibility & Disability Service.

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