About Us
Our Mission Statement

Residence halls exist at the University of Maryland College Park to provide students with reasonably comfortable and safe housing which is close to classrooms, libraries and the other programs and services of the campus. Since the residence hall environment also has an impact upon the development and well being of residents, programs and services are provided to positively shape the quality of the on-campus living experience.

The Department of Resident Life is established to provide the basic housing services that are made available to resident students; to insure the orderly, cost-effective operation of campus residence halls; to promote the existence of an environment where student and community development, academic excellence, respect for individual differences, and constructive social interaction is valued and advanced; and to insure that fiscal and human resources are managed effectively and consistent with University policies and procedures.

As we focus on our responsibilities, Resident Life staff efforts are guided by several commitments to our students:

  • Students should be afforded opportunities for active involvement in the campus community.
  • Residence halls should afford certain rights and responsibilities to each individual community member.
  • Community development should be nurtured and responsible citizenship modeled and taught.
  • The academic mission of the institution should be supported and enhanced.
  • An appreciation for and promotion of diversity should be apparent in the residence hall environment.
  • Residence halls should promote a safe and secure environment which emphasizes individual responsibility.